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Stockholm is home to some of the world's most powerful social movements. It is built on a history of people coming together to tackle challenges bigger than their own. Today that spirit of organizing and progress is alive in the city. Every day, we meet people who are on the ground, tackling inequality in topics of humanity.

Our organization is launching Civic Impact Awards to celebrate the people who put in the time and energy day in and day out to change the lives of other people for the better. Without them, the story of Stockholm is incomplete.

Do you know a person, organization or business doing what it takes to really move the needle on some of our cities toughest issues? We'll be accepting nominations for the 2017 awards starting on February 28, 2017. Stay tuned! 



Investing in Innovation Award: For a Stockholm-based foundation that, instead of investing in the same old ideas, made investments in programs that advance a new idea.

Corporate Civic Impact Award: For a corporation that goes above and beyond to make their hometown of Stockholm better. This corporation represents how cities and businesses can work together to solve systemic social challenges, for example, environmental awareness.  

Small Business, Big Impact Award: For a small business in Stockholm that has improved its neighborhood or community in a positive way. 

Moving the Needle Award: For a nonprofit organization in Stockholm that has made big progress against an issue that Stockholm  faces and has the data to show it.

Stockholm Creative Impact Award: For an organization that uses art, film, music, and/or culture as a vehicle for social impact in Stockholm. 



Last edited: 05/09/2016