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Communication for Development is very important in order to achieve sustainable development.  Communication for Development can influence development and social change; whether it being economic development, contentious politics, companies successes, social movement activities, activists interactions etc.

Whether it means development in Developed or Developing countries, in order to achieve sustainable development, development agencies, governements and other stakeholders in the business of development needs to incorporate Communication for Development strategies in their development policies and processes. Communication for Development is all about citizens participation and engagement in all development processes and the tools necessary to achieve the goals of development. How to strengthen development and social change, mediated by the concept of Communication for Development still post daunting challenges, both in developed and developing countries. 

The focus of this conference is to give diagnosis of Communication for Development as related to the following questions:

  1. What is the meaning of Communication for Development as applied to Development projects
  2. Why is Communication for Development important in Development
  3. What is the role of Communication for Development in Development
  4. Why should Communication for Development be incorporated in development policies
  5. Why Communication for Development can lead to Sustainable Development.

We are inviting municipalities, companies, development communication experts, governments agencies, social movements, activists, NGOs, and civil society organizations to attend this conference where graduates of Communication for Development studies and experts will answer the above questions and share experiences of successes and challenges of using Communication for Development Strategies to influence sociopolitical, economic and cultural development.

The format of the conference is design to reflect specific cases where development is mediated by "Communication for Development" strategies such as participatory processess; and tools such as ICT platforms like internet, social media etc. The conference will take place on the 31st August 2018 in Stockholm Sweden within the framework of Communication for Development and Social Change.

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Last edited: 04/05/2018