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Currently, renewable energy constitute less than one-fifth of the global energy supply mix ( approximate 17%), while fossil fuels make up over 80%. This is a challenge to global renewable energy trends and energy security, especially in developing countries. To achieve energy security requires countries to adopt appropriate strategies that promotes green growth.

Green growth is the means by which current world economies can make transition to sustainable economies while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste and inefficient use of natural resources, maintaining biodiversity, and strengthen energy security.

This conference is meant to provide an overview of global renewable energy trends while focusing on Africa, outlining and discussing the available policy instruments for greening the energy sector. The key point to take away from this conference is that the expected growth of renewable energy uptake largely depends on the scale of public policies. This is because the renewable energy market is, to a large extent, a policy-driven market. 

This conference is organised between Stockholm Africa Leadership Center and Scandinavian African Foundation for Growth. It will take place in Stockhom on the 30 November 2018 from 10am to 16pm.

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Last edited: 17/08/2018