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Global Stockholm Civic Innovation Forum

GSCIF creates networks of social entrepreneurs around key issue areas, runs Conferences called Civic Labs that helps connect public organizations and local innovators, and helps local and African agencies, nonprofits, and businesses better connect to their communities through unique network capacity building programs. The process looks like this: we identify a key local challenge with a public organization. We then find social entrepreneurs working on innovative products or services addressing that challenge head on in the local community. For example, a public challenge to find innovative ideas to increase the supply and/or demand of clean, healthy and affordable energy in local communities in Africa.


Global Stockholm Civic Innovation Forum is meant to attract individuals and organizations in Stockholm with incredible experience and expertise in tackling social challenges in unique and powerful ways. As a member of GSCIF, we offer a number of programs, services, and opportunities, including:

  • Access to events every month, such as leadership breakfasts, networking nights, or educational panels, cultural events
  • A newsletter each and every week with a calendar of civic events, great articles and reading, and a list of opportunities, some of which are exclusive to the GSCIF community
  • Access to Civic Networks program that brings together

We also offer organizational membership, so your whole team can join! Click here to learn more about Organizational Membership at GSCIF

If you have any questions about membership, please email

Last edited: 05/09/2016