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 The launching of SAFG will take place on the 9 April alongside Roundtable Discussions on Partnership opportunities between African and Scandinavian Companies and Organizations in Stockholm Sweden.

The purpose of the launching and roundtable discussions is for us to create an awareness and to discuss the expectation of our organization setting up Scandinavian African Foundation for Growth Hubs in Africa, and to begin the process of fostering new relationships, discussing the possibility of future partnerships, and developing a shared vision of the roles and responsibilities of service provision to local and regional partners both in Africa and in Scandinavia.

Over the past two years, we have been researching and meeting other stakeholders interested in advancing the Scandinavian Model of doing business to Africa to discuss how we can encourage a galvanized platform between African and Scandinavian businesses/organizations. Scandinavian African Foundation for Growth recognizes the importance of the Business Model in Scandinavian countries if extended and implemented by partnering with African businesses. The key elements that bring success to Scandinavian business are accountability, openness, gender equality, social corporate responsibility and availability of services that support employees. Through many capital investments and development funding sources for businesses, there are many partnerships opportunities in Scandinavia. SAFG have been working to develop partnerships among our network on project specific basis but plans to take a more systematic approach during this launching and roundtable discussions.

If you can join us for this exciting event, please RSVP to us on +46 (0) 722 533 057 / 76 714 4460 or /



Last edited: 26/02/2015