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Leadership Africa

Preparing continent-wide leaders to shape Africa´s changing economy.

Leadership Africa is a powerful, year-long experiential learning journey that expands leaders’ capacity to shape Africa´s future. Through the program, leaders:

  • Explore our Scandinavia’s diverse regions, assets, economies, issues, and people through direct interaction with leaders and places;
  • Develop important and lasting relationships with a diverse community of business, community, government and educational leaders; and
  • Uncover and build upon their personal leadership strengths.

The Leadership Africa curriculum is designed for leaders from all sectors of African economy to gain first-hand practical leadership experience in leading Scandinavian enterprises in order to be exposed to leadership concepts and management techniques in practice and to become acquainted with working processes and business cultures in 
Scandinavian enterprises, and also to extend their international management competencies to initiate networks of cooperation partners between Scandinavian and African companies to enable them lead the way in creating an economy driven by educated, healthy, innovative and engaged people. 

Leadership Africa offers a comprehensive overview of the many critical facets of the Scandinavian economies, which provide participants with a greater depth of knowledge and help them in becoming more effective decision makers. 

Leadership is the most important component in the complex process of economic growth.  To continue to create a thriving economy for Africa’s future, leaders must be creative in growing their capacity for leadership as the key driver of change.  New possibilities are available to all of us when we see that everyone in a company/organisation/community has the capacity to lead.  By fostering environments of empowerment, all leaders – even the unlikely - can step up and take action.

Everyone leads in Africa

SAFG believes that leadership is a way of being that everyone can embrace, not a position in a hierarchy.  We believe it is demonstrated through informed actions grounded in an attitude of inclusion, innovation and opportunity. Leaders are those who take responsibility for their world – and Africa’s leaders should be of average citizens who may not think of themselves as leaders, but become leaders because of their commitment to their organizations, their communities and their countries. They are the diverse individuals who work in business, education, non-profit, and government. They hold a vision for how their communities can be, rally others around that vision, and collaborate with others to bring it to life.   

Last edited: 22/08/2016