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Our Services

Our services are based on a platform that enables existing or emerging companies and organizations in Africa gain from the technology and knowledge from Scandinavian companies and organizations. These services can be classified as on-the-spot and e-services. Because we realise that growth and development cannot be achieved in a vacuum, the organization will create an epistemic community forum where the foundation offers a set of robust group programs. It will be based on a suit-on-a-stage model of communications by creating a series of interactive forums. Every year, for example, SAFG will hold two regional employee meetings, one called Insight and the other called Global Update. The Insight meeting are staged as a series of "great debates": Individual regions use the organization's intranet to field nominations for "hot topics" and to organize discussions around those topics. For instance, the SAFG research and development division split its people into 4 teams, each of which will debate one of four topics over a four-hour period; the teams will then bring their best ideas back to their business unit.

The Foundation also operates as a kind of incubator for new business ideas in both regions of operation (Scandinavia and Africa). For example, it would provide forums for conferences on best practices in small business development in Africa, and out of this initiative, a high-profile team with an extensive knowledge in business development is commissioned to help in the development of the best ideas.

SAFG works in collaboration with Scandinavia investors, associations and other operators interested in investing in economic activities that have a propensity in yielding a long-term economic and human development, and a sustained growth in Africa. 

SAFG provides information about companies, businesses and culture through it´s journal "Scandinavia Africa Today". The journal is issued three times a year to it´s members and individual subscribers, both in Scandinavia and in Africa and around the world. Ministries of Industry and commerce in Africa are issued with a complete journal of Scandinavian companies and business in English likewise ministries of industry and commerce in Scandinavia.

The foundation will have an e-service platform to facilitate business development in African countries.

These services will be in the form of:

1.      Management services that support accounting, finance, document handling, personnel or member management in businesses in Africa.

2.      Public relations services, supporting companies and organizations in Africa through events announcement, information site, presence on social media.

3.      Supporting companies and organizations in areas applied to team or project building.

4.      Team or project building services, supporting team building based on team member competence and objective, DISC-analysis or Top Down Learning

5.      E-learning services, supporting general competence building and team role competence. E-learning is supported by interactivity, video and conferencing but also by mobile Apps, thus supporting transnational teams

6.      Individual member services for money transfer, book keeping, etc

7.      Business Opportunity Information service for companies in Scandinavia and Africa.

8.      E-business platforms to be developed and used by small producers and sellers in Africa to minimise cost and promote development.

9.      Multi-lingual services

10.    Scandinavian African house will be open to accommodate small and medium-size companies/organizations potentially aspiring to invest in Africa. This platform will serve as a central location for collaboration and networking, and also as an inspirational platform for exchange of business ideas and the promotion of cultural understanding amongst the Scandinavian countries and Africa.

These services are all related to enhancing confidence in investment by Scandinavian countries in Africa.

Last edited: 18/08/2016