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Train, mentor, and coach community organizers and grassroots leaders in our neighborhoods.

As an incubator for social change, Center for Immigrants Leadership provides curriculum and organizational support necessary to transform marginalized people into leaders with experience driving community development and public policy from within their own communities. Training includes core organizing skills, leadership in nonviolent social change movements, professional development, and project specific workshops.


Strengthen and connect our communities through advocacy and civic participation in order to ensure their seat at the decision making table.

Center for Immigrants Leadership creates opportunities for highly trained leaders to research, plan, and implement community development and public policy projects that are rooted in capacity building, leadership development, and ensuring a voice for underrepresented communities.


Provide support for community development and community-driven public policy through proactive and sustainable engagement campaigns.

Well-trained, civically educated, and interconnected leaders throughout our community are the key to advancing social justice. Center for Immigranst Leadership partners with local organizations and aids in capacity building, leadership development, and strengthening diversity.