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Registration for the SAFG2015 can be submitted online and through our registration form. To facilitate processing time we recommend delegates to use and online registration form.

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Group registration is only applicable to the registration of five people or more. Any attempt to register a group with less than five people will not be accepted and a request will be made for each individual participant to register directly by themselves.  

The company or organization requesting a group registration must nominate one group representative who will administer the group booking. A conference.  

The registration fee structure is identical to the structure for individual delegates. 

Group members must be at least 18 years old (as of 26 September 2015). Group members may be asked at any time to present a valid form of identification stating their age. 

Group members cannot register accompanying persons online. This can either be done by contacting the SAFG2015 Registration Department. 

For more information, visit the Terms and Conditions for Groups page. 

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Last edited: 27/03/2015