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Scandinavian African House is meant to bring different races, cultures, religion and businesses together in Stockholm municipality and possibly from around Sweden.

The concept is to create a platform to sit together using different cultures such as cuisines, music, sport and business etc. Bringing people who have lived perhaps most of their lives without ever having a meal with someone who is not of their race, religion or colour on the same table improves an understanding of each other perspective and have an appreciation of their way of living and how their lifes look like. This open up a window for people to learn from those who are different from them and share the live for the country together. This shares a good foundation for togetherness and a sustainable environment for any one that lives in Stockholm. Some programmes runned parallel of Scandinavian African House can be found HERE.

To be part of this community please register HERE for free. Otherwise if you have any questions contact us through


Last edited: 24/10/2016