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Sponsors Opportunities

SAFG2015 offers partnership packages at various levels. Our partnerships are structured to best meet your objectives and the conference needs. These relationships can be a combination of cash sponsorship, in-kind contributions and/or marketing support. To maximize our partners support and provide distinct assets to our sponsors we offer sponsorship packages through four distinct tires, as well as customizable sponsorship packages. Benefits can include complimentary exhibition space, free conference registrations, and discounts on selected sponsorship items. All sponsors will receive great exposure and recognition for their support. 

For more information please see the overview of sponsorship levels, benefits and items below, or contact Joshua (


Platinum Sponsor

150.000 SEK

Gold Sponsor

75.000 SEK

Silver Sponsor

35.000 SEK

Bronze Sponsor

25.000 SEK






18 sqm Exhibit Booth





9 sqm Exhibit Booth




9 sqm Exhibit (space only)





Discount on  sponsorship items







Discount on Delegate Bag Insert







Opportunity for press conference









Logo in Conference Programme and on Conference Website









Recognition in pre-conference publications









Right to use SAFG 2015 logo as approved by Conference secretariat









On-site signage/recognition for sponsorship items and/or activities









Delegate Registrations





Complimentary Conference Registrations, including VIP tickets to Opening and Plenary Sessions
















Available Sponsorship Items (details listed below)

Exclusive Items

  • Delegate Bags
  • Conference USBs (conference programme and abstracts)


  • Ad in Pocket Programme (the only printed publication)
  • Onsite Advertisement (banners, pillar wraps, etc.)

Promotional Items

  • Exhibitors: Enhance your Exhibito
  • Flyer in Delegate Bag
  • Gifts (Pads, Pens, Bookmarks etc.) in Delegate Bag
  • Flyers at Plenary Sessions

Delegate Bags

Included: all onsite logistical services

The delegate bag is always a popular “collectible” at conferences, and sponsorship of the delegate bag provides the sponsor with an excellent marketing opportunity during the conference week and extended exposure for years beyond.

The sponsor will be recognized by the company logo next to the conference logo on the front of the bag. 

Conference USB-stick

Included: all onsite logistical services

An essential feature of the conference is the Conference USB-stick, which contains all the abstracts of SAGF2015, as well as electronic versions of the Programme and the General Information guide. The USB-stick will be distributed to all delegates from a free information counter in the registration area on Tuesday 29 September 2015, and from the sponsor’s exhibition booth from Wednesday 30 September 2015. The sponsor’s logo will appear on the USB-stick. 

Daily Conference News Bulletin

Included: layout, design, printing and posting of the bulletin

The daily conference news bulletin will be posted on the homepage and media centre pages of the website each day and distributed to delegates each morning in the convention centre. This bulletin features an overview of each day’s plenary session, brief summaries of other special sessions and information about other major activities taking place at the conference and in Melbourne. 

The sponsor receives a banner along the bottom of the front page of the bulletin, featuring the sponsor’s logo and the words “Official Sponsor of the SAFG 2015 news bulletin”.

Ad in the Pocket Programme

The pocket programme is an indispensable “quick and easy” reference guide for all conference delegates. Provided to each delegate at registration, the pocket programme contains colour-coded information regarding times and session halls for the numerous topics, together with a map of the conference centre. It also includes information about services offered at the conference. 

Onsite Advertisement Opportunities (banners, pillar wraps)

The conference venue will offer various opportunities for onsite advertising in the form of panels, banners, towers and many other products.

Flyer in Delegate Bag 


Included: distribution and logistics onsite 

The flyer must be relevant to the conference and approved by the conference organizers. The flyer can feature the company’s logo, satellites or exhibitions.

Gifts (Pads, Pens, Bookmarks etc.) in Delegate Bag

Included: distribution and logistics onsite 

Sponsors are welcome to come forward with suggestions of their own for alternate items. Pads, pens and bookmarks are essential for all delegates, as well as popular collectible at the conference. These items give sponsors a way of providing delegates with a much-needed item, as well as a visible advertising method that the delegates will take away with them.

Flyers at Plenary Sessions

Included: distribution onsite by volunteers

Flyers will be distributed at the entrance to the plenary hall at the start of each day. These flyers could be used, for example, to advertise satellite symposium or exhibition booth.


Last edited: 11/02/2015